Resources to Support PEI Students and Teachers

The resources identified below reflect information and community supports beneficial to individuals entering the labour market. 


Brilliant Labs is a not-for-profit, hands-on technology and experiential learning platform based in Atlantic Canada.  Brilliant Labs can support teachers and students with the integration of creativity, innovation, coding, and an entrepreneurial spirit within classrooms and educational curricula. Through these supports and events delivered in PEI schools they can introduce new skills as well as help students identify and develop their skills as they plan for their future. 


myBlueprint is an online, comprehensive education and career/life planning tool. It helps students make informed decisions about their future. The site features information and resources that are important for students and all those that work with them. This resource is integral to the development of a student’s My Plan required for graduation in PEI. 


Career Crafting the Decade After High School can offer insights into the career journey for post-secondary graduates. This resource provides perspective on a changing, unpredictable and dynamic workforce and the importance of navigating labour market information in the career exploration process.   


The Employment Journey on PEI is a monthly publication available to residents and businesses on PEI. This publication features a guide to support job seekers, job postings, career/employment stories from post-secondary graduates, industry profiles, skills in demand and more. 


Students may be considering who they are as entrepreneurs. Business Start Up and Entrepreneurship information and resources are available through the provincial government website. Innovation PEI also offers a range of services to aspiring entrepreneurs. 


The Labour Market Information Council (LMiC) regularly publishes reports that can support teacher and student awareness of issues that impact entry into the Labour Market. Teachers may wish to strategically introduce reports into classroom instruction to emphasize the importance of exploring reliable information and to help inform student career planning. 


Skills Canada PEI is a non profit organization whose mission is to promote opportunities in skilled trades and technology to youth across the province. They welcome opportunities to work alongside PEI educators in creating and promoting opportunities for students. These include presentations, workshops, competitions and resources. 



Click on your province to be taken directly to the provincial website for Labour Market Information. To access federal Labour Market Information found on the Government of Canada website, click here.